Joaquin Phoenix In Talks To Play The Joker In Standalone Movie From Todd Phillips

We haven’t heard much about the Untitled Joker Origin Movie that was announced some time ago from director Todd Phillips but talk has heated up in a big way today with Joaquin Phoenix in talks to play the title character.

Studio negotiations are not yet underway but Phillips has made it clear that Phoenix is his top choice to star in the film and word is, after thinking it over, the actor has agreed to take on the role. Warner Bros. had no comment about the casting.

Phillips is on board to direct and co-write the film and he met with Phoenix before the new year. It’s being stated that he was just waiting for the studio go-ahead and it looks like, with this story dropping, deals could be made very soon.

The movie is set to fall under the yet-to-be-announced new banner of DC Comics, which would give the studio the opportunity to expand the universe of the iconic comic-book characters with unique story angles that aren’t included in its current cinematic universe.

Jared Leto recently played The Joker in Suicide Squad and is likely to reprise the role in Suicide Squad 2, but will not be featured in this new origin film.

Sources say the origin film will take place in the 80s and have more of the look of a gritty crime drama than comic book movie.

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