Reel SDCC: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow

The second DC superhero show to make its case during Comic-Con in Ballroom 20 was DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. This panel was intriguing because this show has become a gradual fan favorite, with many critics claiming that this has low key become the best of The CW superhero gauntlet. It definitely had an impressive season 2 and now the cast and producers were on hand to spill the beans on season 3.

The panel began with a very fun season 3 teaser. The joy of this show is that it’s probably the only one on the network to truly embrace its comic book origins and this teaser shows they will be maintaining that sense of fun.

Executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Phil Klemmer took the Comic-Con stage with cast members Tala Ashe, Dominic Purcell, Nick Zano, Caity Lotz, Brandon Routh, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Victor Garber, and Franz Drameh. Much like the Supergirl crew, this is a very fun group from the jump and it’s very clear that they all love working together. Nick Zano points out that they are all very different but somehow their union seems to work very well and it shows on that stage.

After all the introductions, here are some of the things we learned from the panel: Guggenheim explained, “We won’t fix time immediately but we’ll see how dinosaurs in Los Angeles happened.” Klemmer added, “Last season, Legends were the only game in town. Now, Rip Hunter has constituted a new version of what Time Hunters are. Now, Legends are up against the best and brightest.”

Fans can expect villains in the new season. Klemmer teased, “We want to lean into that collection of villains from various DC shows, perhaps some non-human villains.” Guggenheim added, “We’re bringing Colassa from the CW Seed series onto the show and the inevitable confrontation between Maisie and her granddaughter.”

Also, look for new cast addition Neil McDonough as Damian Dark, who Klemmer says will be a little less silly and a little more formidable. You may also remember Dark from season 4 of Arrow. Captain Cold will also return and the producers said: “we are very excited to bring Wentworth [Miller] back to the show in a different iteration of Mr. Snart.”

More things to look for in Season 3 include backstories and new additions to the team. Routh talked about Ray/Atom, “Nice guys finish last, which I don’t believe by the way. Last, doesn’t have to be last unless you view it as last. Ray tries to find the positive out of everything.” Klemmer said we’ll learn more about Ray’s childhood this coming season and we’ll even meet his mom.

Lotz is enjoying Sara’s new leadership role, “It feels good. I like telling people what to do.” Purcell added, “It’s been great having a lady in charge of four cavemen.”

Klemmer also teased episode 306, which will feature a “Freaky Friday” story with Firestorm and Martin. He told Drameh and Garber, “Get ready to impersonate each other.” Another tease: Klemmer said we’ll be meeting Ray’s twin brother Sidney, so Routh will be playing two parts.

A fan asked if more LGBT characters will join the show and Klemmer said, “It’s time for Sarah to settle down but it’s hard to do when you’re traveling through time. There’s someone in every port.” Guggenheim was emphatic, “We’re going to re-establish Sarah’s bisexuality. It’s important to us to do that this year.” Lotz added, “The thing with Sarah, she’s not trying to label herself. For her, it’s about being fluid and true to herself.”

Before the panel wrapped, perhaps the biggest cheer was reserved for the fact that there will be an episode set in the 80’s. It is a time travel show so they can have a lot of fun with this time period. Rely looking forward to this and more fun from one of the most improved shows on The CW lineup.

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