Reel Box Office Predictions: Is Star Wars Out Yet?

This weekend’s box office is going to look very similar to the last couple of weeks as we wait for that small independent Star Wars film to hit screens next weekend.

Studios are opting to focus on holdovers this weekend (as they did the previous weekend) which should yield moderate results for those films as they head into the crowded December marketplace.  Coco is going to enjoy a third weekend at number one and should bring in $18-20 million, as quality films tend to rebound after the steeper post-Thanksgiving dropoffs.

The gap between Justice League and Wonder should be closer than ever this weekend as the superhero mashup has seen steep declines and Wonder continues to resonate with audiences. Justice League reached the $200 million milestone on Tuesday but that’s a total it should’ve hit a week or more ago. As for Wonder, it should hit the $100 million mark by the end of the weekend and continue to play well throughout December. It’s going to be close but I can see both films having weekends in the $9 million range and it will be mere dollars that separates them.

There is one wide release this weekend but it’s a film I have never heard of until looking up this info today. It’s called Just Getting Started and stars Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee Jones & Rene Russo. Usually, I predict based on awareness or how the film looks as it heads into the weekend but I honestly don’t know enough about the film to truly gage it. Tracking has it coming in at $5 million and I’ll go with that title and add an extra prediction of it fading into obscurity soon after that.

Also, one to watch this weekend is the expansion of The Disaster Artist from 19 to 800 locations. The film had a stellar debut in limited release and word of mouth seems to be strong. I think the film could pull in $4-5 million and continue to expand well as its expected to score some key award nominations.

Check back on Monday for the final box office results!



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