George Miller Suing Warner Bros. for $7M Bonus on Mad Max: Fury Road

George Miller

One of 2015’s biggest surprise hits, Mad Max: Fury Road now has a bit of controversy behind it. Warner Bros. now finds itself in a lawsuit filed by director George Miller over bonuses on the film that grossed more than $375 million worldwide. Miller alleges that its deal for the film provided a $7 million bonus if the final net cost of Mad Max: Fury Road didn’t surpass $157 million, which the film obviously did. Miller is demanding payment, but by Warners’ calculation, the film went over budget.

Miller is blaming a series of decisions which he alleges caused substantial changes and delays to the film. He asserts that Warner Bros. shouldn’t take those costs into account. Along with that, Miller is also testing out a new Australian consumer law for Warners’ alleged misleading and deceptive conduct in making a deal without informing Miller how added costs would factor into budget calculations.

Time will tell how the result of this lawsuit and what the future holds on a potential sequel to Mad Max. 


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