Geoff Johns’ Confirms Batman Will Appear In Upcoming Flash Film


If word-of-mouth is any indication after the release of Justice League, despite the early doubt by fans of The Flash tv show, Ezra Miller’s portrayal as Barry Allen has bene touted as one of the highlights of Justice League. He is set to reprise the role in the upcoming Flashpoint film and while details regarding the film have remained a secret,  new Entertainment Weekly interview with Ezra Miller and DC’s chief creative officer Geoff Johns, it seems very likely that we’ll be seeing Batman in Flashpoint.

Geoff Johns’s recently stated in the interview,

“There’s elements in it that we’re going to be playing into that we couldn’t do anywhere else. The scale of it, the Batman story of it all.”

This may be the reset of the Batman character as Ben Affleck is unsure if he wants to return as the Caped Crusader.

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