Coco Tops Box Office For The Second Weekend In A Row

The weekend box office lineup mirrors last week’s results, albeit with the usual post-Thanksgiving declines.

Coco held on to the top spot & while it dropped 48.6% to $26.1 million in week 2, it’s still in a good position to play well throughout the holiday season. Moana dropped 50% on this weekend last year & Tangled slipped 56% in its second weekend. Both films had domestic runs over $200M. Coco has grossed $108.7M to date & is likely headed the same trajectory as the previous films.

Coco is also posting impressive numbers internationally. The film added an estimated $69 million internationally this weekend for an overseas total that tops $171 million and a global gross reaching $280 million. New markets this weekend included strong debuts in France, Belgium, and Spain along with excellent holdovers where the film actually saw increases over opening weekend. One of the markets to see the increase was China where it grossed $17.8 million last weekend and then surged 148% to $44.2 million this weekend. It is now the highest grossing Pixar release ever in China with an estimated $75.6 million.

Justice League stays second but drops a massive 60% in its third weekend to $16.5 million. That drop is large even by post-Thanksgiving standards and now finishing with $250 million is in serious question. The $300 million film has grossed $197 million to date and is going to lose many screens to make room for Star Wars after this week. The film has grossed $567 million worldwide but it’s going to be viewed as a disappointment stateside.

Wonder remains in third with $12.5 million & drops a decent 44.9%. The $20 million film has now grossed $88 million to date and could pull through the holiday season & make it to $150 million. No one saw this coming 2 months ago.

Thor: Ragnarok drops 42.7% in its 5th weekend to $9.6 million. That’s a hold Justice League would love & having Thor be so successful at the same time Justice League has come up short, only makes the shortcomings of the latter film more obvious. The $180 million film has grossed $291.4 million to date & a massive $816.4 million worldwide.

Daddy’s Home 2 rounds out the top 5 with $7.5 million. It dropped a decent 42.7% as it’s proving to be the comedy choice for moviegoers. The film has grossed $82.8 million on a $69 million budget and I still think it can get to $100 million but it will be close.

Studio A24 had a reason to celebrate this weekend as they ruled the specialty box office with Lady Bird grossing $1.4 million and bringing its total just over $17 million. It’s now the fourth largest domestic release for the studio and it being an awards favorite will push up that total. The Disaster Artist grossed $1.2 million from just 19 locations which resulted in a per-screen average of $64,254. It expands to 800 theaters this weekend & A24 says exit polling showed sensational word of mouth.

Check out the full top ten results below:

  1. Coco – $26.1 million (-48.6%, $108.6 million)
  2. Justice League – $16.5 million (-60%, $197.3 million)
  3. Wonder – $12.5 million (-44.9%, $88.2 million)
  4. Thor: Ragnarok – $9.6 million (-42.7%, $291.4 million)
  5. Daddy’s Home 2 – $7.5 million (-43.3%, $82.8 million)
  6. Murder on the Orient Express – $6.7 million (-49.1%, $84.7 million)
  7. Lady Bird – $4.5 million (+12%, $17 million)
  8. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – $4.5 million (+2.9%, $13.6 million)
  9. The Star – $4 million (-42.3%, $27.2 million)
  10. A Bad Moms Christmas – $3.4 million (-28.9%, $64.8 million)
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