Wonder Woman 2 To Be Set In The 1980s

wonder woman

The success of Wonder Woman at the box office is hard to ignore and while it continues to hold strong in theaters, there are now talks as to when Wonder Woman 2 will take place.  Fans originally thought that the current timeline of the DCEU would lead to theWonder Woman sequel taking place after the fallout of the upcoming Justice League.

According to Screen Rant, Wonder Woman 2 will be another period piece to take place prior to the modern day DCEU. The film will be set during the 1980s and will have Diana pit against the forces of Soviet Union in the closing days of the Cold War. The production team is expected to remain on board for the sequel, with confirmation that Geoff Johns is developing Wonder Woman 2‘s script with Jenkins in negotiations to return as director.

One final detail about the sequel that Chris Pine will be returning, as  Steve Trevor. How this will happen will be news to be as the finale of Wonder Woman completes his story very well.

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