Update: The Art Direction of Power Rangers

Art Direction of Power Rangers

Warning! This article contains spoilers of Power Rangers.

Back in December, I wrote an article about the Strange Art Direction of the Power Rangers Movie stating my dissatisfaction with the visual direction they were taking with this beloved franchise. This past weekend, Power Rangers was finally released and based on the box office money it earned, all of the adults that grew up with it in the 90’s came out to see if their childhood was either ruined or brought back to life. This article is going to be a rebuttal to the first article I wrote. You’ll see whether my concerns were validated or if the direction they took was a great step in the right direction to what could be a huge film franchise for the Power Rangers.

The first thing people think about when they hear Power Rangers are the different color uniforms. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers had the iconic big white diamond shapes on the chest of the uniforms along with a white belt, which held their morphers. Power coins sit within their morphers with a symbol representing the prehistoric creature that belongs to the individual Rangers. Their helmets also had elements of those creatures as well with the design seeming like a creatures head with the visor acting as the mouth of the animal. These are the most recognized uniforms in the Power Rangers universe and it is clear to see why everyone was up in arms when they saw the design of the new uniform

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