Will The Big Horror Trifecta Ever Make It Back To The Big Screen?

Horror Trifecta

Before I went into writing this piece, the news had not yet broken that David Gordon Green and Danny McBride were on board to reboot Halloween. I would’ve thought it was too good to be true at first because it wasn’t too long ago that John Carpenter and Blumhouse had made the announcement that another Halloween was on the horizon, which eventually turned into another false start for the franchise because they had not found the right story to move forward.

Yesterday’s Halloween news (which was confirmed by Carpenter on his Facebook page) was something horror fans needed to hear after another horror franchise hit what seems to be a permanent snag. Friday the 13th was on deck and was suddenly shut down this week with no new start in sight. If you add A Nightmare on Elm Street to the mix it would seem that the big three of horror have had a hard time returning to our multiplexes. The question then becomes, will we ever get these franchises back on the big screen where they belong?

Let’s begin with Friday the 13th. Even at the height of its popularity, Paramount Pictures has treated the franchise like a rotten stepchild. This is a film series that has brought in big bank for the studio but since they have never been critic darlings, Paramount has always seemed to be reluctant to truly embrace it. You would think a franchise that has made

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