Why Amy Adams Deserved An Oscar Nomination For Arrival

Amy Adams

I wouldn’t call myself a morning person. Sure, I wake up early because I need to but I don’t function normally until after 8:00 a.m. Since I reside in Los Angeles, the Academy Award nominations get announced here after 5:00 a.m. so it can be the talk of the Hollywood trades as soon as everyone starts their day.

Since I had to be up to post the nominations here at Reel Talk, I had my alarm set and ready to go but I admittedly was a bit groggy while some of the nominations were announced. Despite my half-asleep state, I knew when I heard certain names or movies, I would perk up with excitement because you see some of these projects and just know who is going to be in the running for the best of the best.

When the nominations were revealed for Best Actress, I heard the names called. Emma Stone? Check! Natalie Portman? Check! Meryl Steep? Again? Ruth Negga? That’s surprising! Isabelle Huppert? Sadly, never heard of her.

Then it was on to the next category…but wait…did I miss something? Did I fall asleep for a few seconds and miss Amy Adams’ name? Was that four names I heard? Are they doing six this year and just surprising us? Was that really ALL FIVE NAMES?

Sadly, it wasn’t a case of being half asleep and no, my TV didn’t go out for a second and I simply missed her name being called.

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