Checking Out: Saying Goodbye To Bates Motel

After five seasons and 50 episodes, Bates Motel officially closed its doors on Monday, April 24th. It was a very impressive run that saw it emerge as one of the most acclaimed series of all time but you probably wouldn’t know that because Bates Motel always seemed on the edge of unfamiliarity. Some people I know had never heard of it while others dismissed it because who in their right mind would touch Alfred Hitchcock and Psycho?

To be fair many have tried and failed to capitalize on Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller. The 1960 film is universally loved but follow-ups, spinoffs, and remakes have lacked in comparison. Sure, Psycho II has its charms but by the time we got to Psycho IV we knew that the brand name was far from its former greatness. Then there was the infamous shot for shot remake from 1998 that felt like an embarrassment for all involved. When A&E announced picking up Bates Motel straight to series there was a lot of skepticism, from me included, but that skepticism was soon put to rest when I realized the creative minds behind that show didn’t seek to remake Psycho, they wanted to spin their own mythology and create a passing link between the show and the classic film.

The series serves as a contemporary prequel and reimagining of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and depicts the lives of Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) and his mother Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga) prior to the events depicted in

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