Blumhouse Productions: The New Home For True Horror


Over the weekend, Blumhouse Productions’ Get Out exceeded box office expectations with a solid $33.4 million opening (about $3 million more than early estimates) and became another success story for the company. They have managed to make a bit of a fortune off of micro-budgeted horror films while respecting the genre and its fans. In a time where major studios don’t seem to get the genre, Blumhouse clearly understands it and is giving the fans what they want in the process.

This isn’t the first time a production company attempted to be the voice of the genre. Dimension Films, which was used within Miramax starting in the mid-90s before ownership shifted over to The Weinstein Company, seemed to be the home for genre entries but there was always an asterisk next to a lot of their productions. While it was nice to have a place for Halloween and Hellraiser to call home, the division became notorious for meddling with the creative process, which often resulted in sub-par films. Even their bigger success story, the Scream franchise, went through some of that interference as early as the first film and it was essentially the norm by the time that franchise hit its fourth installment. It’s the stuff of legend that Bob Weinstein, in particular, seemed to believe he knew what was best for all of the films under the Dimension banner, even if it was clear the quality was declining. If a genre division of a studio didn’t

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