Arrow Releases First Look At Black Canary Costume

While the upcoming season of Arrow is still a few months away, The CW decided to give fans an early look at Black Canary.Entertainment Weekly has revealed in their latest issue a first look at Dinah Drake’s all-new Black Canary suit. Entertainment Weekly’s costume reveal was attached to a lengthy interview with Arrow’s executive producer. Wendy Mericle who opened up about the Black Canary’s new suit, and Mericle also took the time to promise fans the updated look signals Dinah’s awakening as a fully fledged superhero.

“Last season, she wasn’t a full fledged superhero, you could say. She was, she had this power, she had this ability, she was part of the team, but really what this costume signifies more than anything is that she is now a full-fledged member of the team. She was before. But she’s now owning it in a different way,”.

“We had talked about having the costume at various points last season and it never felt right. It felt that we wanted to save it for a special occasion, and the premiere seemed like a really good place to do it. She needs something tactical. She has this meta power, but she also has the bo staff, so we just felt it was right for her to have something that was definitely more than a nod to the DCU character, but also something that was distinctive from what we’ve seen before. This really fits the bill.”

This new suit will continue the anticipation for the fall tv season.

black canary


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