An Ode to Bad Reels: Laserblast


Laserblast is a strange, confusing and weirdly entertaining movie. This movie makes absolutely so sense but yet is still charming enough to keep you watching. There really is no cohesive or comprehensible story in this film, instead, we get random scenes where things just happen which the filmmakers thought would move the film along. If you like lasers and aliens but hate stories then Laserblast could be the film for you.

Laserblast begins with a zombie looking person wielding a laser blaster running through a desert. Out of nowhere, we get introduced to these aliens that seem to want to kill the zombie-like creature for a reason we never get an explanation for. They eventually shoot the zombie and it turns into a pile of ash leaving behind the laser blaster and an amulet. The aliens reach for the blaster and amulet a few feet away from them until a plane flies by and they decide to retreat and leave behind the items. Honestly, they could have still grabbed the items and not have been seen while retrieving them.


After this opening scene, we get introduced to the main character of this film, Billy Duncan. He is a strange and awkward character with the way he interacts with people and the strange facial expression the actor uses. He has a girlfriend and just seems like a regular dude. He is harassed by two non-threatening looking bullies throughout the film but there is nothing much more to his character until he stumbles into the desert and finds the laser blaster and amulet. He then goes on a laser shooting spree blasting the terrain around him to test out his new toys.

The amulet does seem to have an effect on Billy as you see him transform into the zombie-like creature we saw in the opening scene. He even goes on a killing spree which leads to my favorite scene of the film. One night as he goes around in his zombie state he spots his two bullies and proceeds to wait until they get into their cars and shoot a laser beam at them that blows them to bits. He is supposed to be the protagonist, I believe, yet he is going on murdering anyone he sees. At this point of the film, I asked myself, where the hell are those aliens we saw in the beginning of the movie?


My question was soon answered as we see the aliens in their ship bikes in space. This whole scene lasted about 20 minutes and did not contain any understandable dialogue. What we got was the two aliens talking to a commander like the character in a strange alien language while watching scenes from the movie. How they got this footage of Billy finding the amulet and laser gun then going on a killing spree is beyond me but what I managed to understand from this scene is that they need to get those items back to stop the killing. I was starting to believe these aliens are the good guys instead of Billy. The aliens later come down and take care of Billy the same way they took out the zombie from the beginning and we are left we a still shot of a dead Billy with his girlfriend hugging his dead body with sad music playing. I do not know if the filmmakers wanted us to have putty for Billy but he just kills a bunch of people and had to be stopped so I was a little thrown off by this.

Laserblast was a fun movie with zero plot and you really do not know who to root for. One great thing about this movie is that even with the low budget it was working with the stop motion animation for the aliens was pretty good and was surprising for a movie of this caliber. I would one hundred percent say grab some friends and pop this one in for some good laughs.

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